Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter

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Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter

The Magpul QD Paraclip Adapter is a handy item to keep in your gun bag.  It allows for the conversion of a QD cup into a Paraclip (or other clip type sling) attachment. If you’re a die-hard QD fan then you know that quick disconnect swivels are purpose built to do one job and do it well.  But what happens if you lose one or if you happen to somehow break one? The QD Paraclip Adapter shines in that you could even tie some paracord or a shoelace to it and make a sling if you absolutely needed to. The QD Paraclip Adapter is even small enough to fit inside that tiny storage area on UBR, ACS and ACS-L buttstocks. If you're trying to decide whether to buy QD or go with Paraclip instead, then you could have the best of both worlds with the QD Paraclip Adapter. The QD Paraclip adapter works with all brands and manufacturers of QD swivel sockets and is compatible with all Magpul QD and Paraclip accessories as well. Email us ( if you have any questions.
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