Turkey Calls

Turkey Calls

Turkey Calls

Bayou Tactical standardizes on Country Boy Game Calls because we think they produce the most realistic wild turkey sounds. These custom-made turkey calls are the ultimate tool for avid turkey callers and turkey hunters. Crafted with precision and expertise, these calls offer a variety of options to suit every hunting style. Choose from friction calls, box calls, and diaphragm calls, each designed to produce realistic and enticing wild turkey sounds. Additionally, we offer location calls such as crow and owl calls to attract turkeys from afar. With the Country Boy Turkey Calls, you'll have the advantage needed for a successful hunt. Get ready to outsmart those gobblers and bring home your trophy.

Custom Made in Louisiana, USA. 

Friction Turkey Calls

Friction Turkey Calls - the ultimate tool for attracting gobblers! Crafted with precision, these slate-style pot calls deliver authentic turkey sounds. By skillfully rubbing the striker against the surface, you can create a range of enticing calls. Every pressure and friction angle change produces unique turkey sounds. 

Turkey Box Calls

Crafted with precision, these calls produce authentic turkey sounds by scraping the lid across the wooden box's edge. From yelps to purrs, clucks to cuts, unleash a symphony of wild turkey calls with every stroke. Perfect your hunting game with our turkey box calls.

Diaphragm Turkey Calls

Diaphragm Turkey Calls - Designed to be inserted against the roof of the mouth, these custom-made calls utilize a rubber horseshoe-shape. Using the tongue, reeds vibrate, producing a wide range of realistic turkey sounds. From excited yelps and clucks to soft purrs and loud cuttings, Country Boy diaphragm calls can attract both adult toms and hens, making them a must-have for any wild turkey hunter.