Bayou Tactical - Humble Beginnings

Bayou Tactical - Humble Beginnings

Whether this is your first time hearing about Bayou Tactical or you are a friend (customer) of the business, I hope you stick around to learn a little more about us. So you may be asking...who is Bayou Tactical? Depending on whom you ask, here, you may receive very different replies and definitions, but one thing you will hear is that we are family.

For all of us here, Bayou Tactical is true family. This is not only a family owned business, but Bayou Tactical is also family run. My Father, my older brother and I all own this company, but we do not run it by ourselves. This business is run by sons, fathers, mothers, wives, and even daughters. The key to our success is having our family treat you as if you are one of us (southern hospitality). When we fill your order, take a phone call, or help consult on whether a PMAG will fit in your rifle you just bought, we intend to do it with the respect and service we would give our own blood.

We believe this is what many modern businesses lack, especially in our industry. I am writing this, today, in hope that I can connect you with Bayou Tactical a little bit better. If I had to give you one statement of who Bayou Tactical is, I would tell you we are a Family run and owned business from the depths of southern Louisiana who cater to individuals whose passions equal or exceed ours for firearms/outdoors.

We love to shoot, fish, hunt, and camp. My intention is to write of the happenings here at Bayou Tactical as well as provide insight on some of the items we carry and along the way I hope you get to know us a little better. If you have any specific thoughts or questions please add them in the comments or shoot us an email, we would love to hear from you.

Mar 24th 2014 Luke Woerner

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